I don’t draw Jules enough. I always forget that he’s a pretty good-looking guy.


  1. Julien grew up with his businesspeople parents in luxury in La Defense, Paris. He’s used to the finer things in life and struggles when he has to rough it – not because he’s a snob, but because he genuinely doesn’t know what to do.
  2. He loves doing research and is heavily involved in his dissertation a lot of the time. It makes him seem aloof, but he’s really just buried in primary sources and his mind is swimming.
  3. When it comes to the supernatural, he’s a total skeptic.
  4. He loves dessert of all kinds and gets extremely excited when it’s mentioned. He’s immediately at peace once he’s eaten it.
  5. Julien works best if he’s listening to Depeche Mode.
  6. Julien drives a Ford Ka, a tiny Ford city car, even though his parents are extremely wealthy and own several luxury vehicles and supercars, including a Bugatti Veyron. This is because he’s afraid to drive anything powerful. His parents were grooming him to become a Formula 1 driver, but at the age of sixteen he was involved in a horrible racing accident involving several cars. Although he didn’t cause the accident and came out okay, seeing one of his fellow racers temporarily end up in a coma traumatized him, and he stopped racing.
  7. He’s needed glasses since he was about eight.
  8. He can be in quite the sour mood if he doesn’t get his daily dose of macaroons.
  9. He loves going to museums and takes a certain pride in the artists from his native France.
  10. Julien’s summer vacations as a boy frequently included trips to North Africa – he’s been to Morocco, Algiers and various locations in Egypt.
  11. Because he comes across as being very serious, Julien is Armo’s most frequent practical joking target. He has what could best be described as a ‘mildly tormented’ relationship with the Finn.
  12. He really loves old movies, especially silents.
  13. Nobody else at the historical society gets his sense of humor, which occasionally frustrates him.
  14. He gets flustered when he doesn’t know what to do in a real world situation. Money doesn’t teach you those things.
  15. He dresses in business casual at the historical society even though they don’t have to dress up to go to work. He’s proper, he thinks.
  16. Besides dessert, he also loves cheese, which allows him to bond with LaGuardia of all people.
  17. Julien finds the concept of fast food immensely disturbing. He once threw up after seeing the “food” they serve at 7-Eleven.
  18. He enjoys riding his bike. Not only does it lack a powerful engine, thus making him safe, but it also counts as exercise.
  19. Julien enjoys reading classic literature and is a big fan of Victor Hugo.
  20. When he travels, he actively seeks out pastry shops to get the best desserts wherever he goes.