LaGuardia is kind of sort of insane. But that’s kind of sort of why we love the girl.

20 Facts LaGuardia

  1. She’s from Middle Village, Queens, and has been a Mets fan as far back as she can remember.
  2. Her prom date in high school turned out to be gay. They’re still friends, but she felt really awkward for a while.
  3. She attended Skip Barber Racing School between her junior and senior years in high school.
  4. Her cousin was a firefighter who died on 9/11 when he went back in to rescue more people. He taught her how to tune muscle cars, so her Camaro has a license plate frame dedicated to him.
  5. She loves cooking with Vito. She does quite a bit of Italian cuisine, but she occasionally enjoys branching out and trying new cuisines, as well.
  6. Her driving style is extremely aggressive due to being from Queens. She learned how to weave through traffic with ease, which she now applies to racing. She and Ells are the two best at this on the team.
  7. She’s the shortest member of the regular cast at 5’0″ even. She makes up for being small by also being loud.
  8. Comparing her to Mario Andretti is the highest compliment you can give her in her opinion.
  9. Although she loves driving, she takes the 7 train to get to Citi Field and almost never drives into Manhattan.
  10. She’s intensely proud of being Italian. Her surname is actually Sicilian in origin and she credits her temper to that.
  11. It surprises almost everyone, but she likes reading, especially Donald E. Westlake’s Dortmunder series.
  12. Her life dream is to meet Max Venturi, Lamborghini Driver. (And Mario Andretti.)
  13. Her nickname of ‘LaGuardia’ is multifaceted. Her given name, Fiorella, is the feminine form of Fiorello. Fiorello LaGuardia was a mayor of New York in the 1930s. LaGuardia Airport, situated near where the Mets play, is named for him, so LaGuardia really has two reasons for her nickname.
  14. On the racing team, she specializes in driving open-wheeled and open-cockpit cars. Being small helps with the G-forces.
  15. She enjoys the occasional campari when she’s not driving.
  16. LaGuardia used to wear her hair longer, but she keeps it short now. Her reasoning is that a helmet won’t mess it up too much.
  17. LaGuardia is fluent in Italian and works as an interpreter. She met Vito at work.
  18. She has a love-hate relationship with a car the racing team acquired when they were just starting out, a 1979 Autobianchi A112 Abarth that she calls ‘Shitcar.’ She’s tuned it excessively, including giving it nitrous, and pushes it extremely hard, screaming at it as she drives it.
  19. She’s very close with her extended family, especially her cousins.
  20. She someday wants to reenact the Mille Miglia.