Stacy and Chris are the two ‘normal’ people at the historical society. Stacy’s the quieter of the two, but she’s still a voice of reason quite a bit.


  1. Her parents divorced when she was young. Stacy was raised mostly by her mother in Brooklyn. Her mom runs a pottery studio and Stacy grew up in the apartment above it.
  2. She’s a heteroromantic asexual – she can fall in love and be in a strictly romantic relationship, but she has no sex drive. She had emotional issues and feelings of inadequacy over this during her teenage years (especially given that she knew plenty of her classmates were having and enjoying sex), but she’s doing better with it now and is more accepting of herself.
  3. Although she can make pottery, too, she prefers to paint and do pencil sketches. She also enjoys working with charcoal and pastels.
  4. She’s worn the same green sweatshirt and do-rag to paint in since high school. They’ve been in the laundry what feels like millions of times.
  5. Stacy has clinical depression, largely a result of dealing with feeling inadequate due to her asexuality. She sees a therapist to keep her level, but she deals with it daily and has to keep an eye on her emotional state.
  6. Although she doesn’t talk much, she’s more emotionally intuitive than most people and often notices when something’s wrong before the others. She’s a very comforting person to have around.
  7. She often uses painting as a form of emotional therapy. When she’s doing this, she always uses watercolors.
  8. She hates that people consider the filters on Instagram ‘artistic’ since it demeans the work of actual photographers.
  9. Stacy interned at the Met when she was learning how to restore art. She still sometimes helps out at the Met or MoMA if nobody else is available.
  10. Although she’s not very religious, she’s really interested in religious iconography in art and even wrote her undergraduate thesis on it.
  11. Her grey eyes come from her father, but she isn’t too fond of him so she doesn’t like it.
  12. She writes down her dreams, although instead of analyzing them she uses them as inspiration for her artwork.
  13. She loathes hipsters. She doesn’t get why subcultures and cultures at large have to define what ‘cool’ is because she thinks everyone’s idea of ‘cool’ is different. Ironically, all of her co-workers consider her to be the “cool one” in the group.
  14. Stacy is strangely good at figuring out people’s motivations and often sees right through people. She thinks it’s because she knows how to catch people selling fake art.
  15. When she was a kid, her mom used to cheer her up by making her chocolate milkshakes. She makes them for herself now if she has a rough day.
  16. She enjoys being cozy and often curls up near the fireplace in the historical society’s office in winter.
  17. Sometimes she’ll paint the same thing in the style of different artists for fun.
  18. Stacy has a secret dream to illustrate picture books for children someday.
  19. In the winter, she’s never without a knitted scarf her grandmother on her mom’s side made for her. She lost her grandmother to cancer several years ago.
  20. She’s paranoid about where her erasers are at any given moment because a friend’s dog ate one of them when she was in high school. Although the dog didn’t get sick, she felt guilty anyway and now fusses over her erasers as an adult. (Candide, Corey’s cat, likes to play with them on the desk.)