Armo is not a normal person. In fact, I found out when talking with my friends last night and letting our characters interact that he once got bored and went on Omegle and convinced people that he was a male prostitute in Stockholm, Sweden. Armo is Finnish, not Swedish.


1. Because it’s there. Armo plays the drums, simply because he can.

2. Synchronized shifting. He hums and sings to himself as he drives because he feels that it keeps his movements synchronized, particularly his gear-shifting.

3. Mmm! He really loves Chinese takeout.

4. Stop fighting! Armo doesn’t like tension or conflict – it makes him really anxious. He tries to keep everybody cheered up as a result.

5. Perpetual student. Armo studied engineering at Tampere before coming to the U.S. to join Global Engineering-Motors and to study more.

6. Start ’em early! He started folk racing when he was about twelve.

7. Goofy pls~ Armo has been known to make the occasional Uncle Dolan comic. He posts them anonymously on the internet.

8. Don’t be mean about it! Although he loves playing practical jokes, he draws the line at being mean or doing things that would actually bother people long-term.

9. You’re eating THAT? He loves salmiakki. It’s an acquired taste, though.

10. Eternal optimist. Armo tries to see the good in everyone. He usually succeeds, but some people are just jerks.

11. Me nousemme kostona Kullervon… His Ford Escort (above) is named Kullervo. The car took a lot of abuse before he had it restored, and now it’s going to avenge that poor treatment. Armo, who loves the Kalevala (and hates child abuse), refers to the car by name and addresses it as a ‘he,’ which further convinces people that he’s crazy.

12. Don’t worry, he’s not Simo Häyhä. He likes pretending to be a Winter War sniper whenever he’s on skis.

13. Talk to the world! Sort of. Although he understands some Swedish and Russian, the only foreign language he’s fluent in is English.

14. Fashionable headgear? He collects winter hats. He wears them even in the summer as an odd fashion statement.

15. Finnish baseball. He likes pesäpallo, which means he understands baseball and watches it with Ells and LaGuardia. He also watches hockey with Karen.

16. Here’s an Allen wrench! Sometimes he craves Swedish food and goes to IKEA. He likes the lingonberry juice.

17. Hold on, I’m thinking… When he gets stuck on a car design, he lays on the floor on his back and stares up at the ceiling to clear his head. Bonus points if there’s a ceiling fan to look at.

18. Soothing… Sometimes he runs the shower in his apartment until the bathroom steams up in order to simulate a sauna.

19. Where’s my Allegra? He gets bad allergies during the summer, another reason he likes colder weather. He deals with hay fever more often than he’d like to.

20. I’ll stay inside, thanks! He’s also prone to heat sickness and gets nauseous when it gets too warm or humid (or both). He likes air conditioning a lot. Sadly, this also means he can’t stay in a sauna as long as he’d like to without getting dizzy, so when he makes one for himself using his shower he can’t use it too long.