If Rory reminds you of someone on a certain TV show that I’m notoriously a fan of, he should. So should Clarence and Clyde, when you think about it. (I’ll post Clarence here soon. Still have to draw him with the Jaaaaag.)

1. Musically gifted. Rory plays the piano, keyboard and synth.

2. Driving on air. He’s wanted to build a flying car since he was five and saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the first time. He still keeps a copy of the book (which predates the film) with him to remind him of his lofty engineering goals.

3. School chums. Sort of. Rory met Clyde, Clarence and Bridget in secondary school. All four of them were in the school’s engineering club together and became close friends.

4. KEEP THEM PARALLEL! He has OCD and actually has to take medication for it.

5. Symphonic. He listens to classical music when he’s designing cars. He also listens to it when he drives his Herald. He does enjoy ’70s-’80s music, though.

6. DON’T TOUCH ME. There’s a spot on the back of Rory’s neck that is extremely sensitive. He freaks out and then collapses into a giggling heap if it’s touched. This has become a favorite game for both Clarence and Armo.

7. Classy~! Rory occasionally lounges around in smoking jackets after work. He sits in his armchair and reads, often holding a pipe in his mouth even though he doesn’t smoke just because it fits the setting.

8. The middle one’s always ignored… He’s the middle child in his family – he has an older sister and a younger sister.

9. Airplanes, whee! If you want to turn him into a total fanboy, show him old airplanes. The Supermarine Spitfire is his favorite.

10. Red or white? He knows a surprisingly large amount of information on wine. Rugen adores him for this.

11. Roger! As soon as he could, he got his pilot’s license. He figured he’d need it just in case he ever succeeded at building a flying car.

12. WHAT IS SLEEP Rory has the remarkable skill to completely throw off his sleep schedule. Every so often, the other engineers at GE-M will find him passed out on the sofa.

13. Where am I? He has no sense of direction. (Fortunately, his best friend is the homing pigeon.)

14. I like dogs and cats. He has a strangely cordial relationship with Corey’s cat Candide.

15. Erm…hi? He has no idea how to flirt with women, so he doesn’t even try to anymore. He had some humiliating experiences when he was younger.

16. “Just so I know where everything is…” Rory has an obsession with labeling things and making lists. These probably both stem from his OCD.

17. Why run when you can walk? If he can avoid running, he will.

18. Tact and precision. He’s fine being the passenger in a fast car, but very rarely drives quickly himself because he enjoys driving precisely and also gets lost a lot.

19. Not too hot, mind you. Much like Corey, he enjoys a cup of tea when he’s working, although he usually takes his lukewarm.

20. It’s called “flow.” He claims he wears his hair at “perfect convertible length” – just long enough that it blows in the wind as he drives.