Don’t expect to see anything normal here. Rugen is extremely bizarre and meta.

Yes, she is reenacting a scene from Gangnam Style with her crappy Jetta.

1. Communist refugee. Rugen was born in communist Romania. Her father, a German-American businessman, was on vacation and he met and fell in love with her mother. Nine months later, he was a father, and he successfully helped his beloved and their new daughter leave the country and come to America. Rugen grew up in a bilingual household, which may be part of the reason she hired Clyde.

2. Polyglot. Rugen’s one of those annoying people who picks up languages with ease. She’s entirely fluent in only three – Romanian, English and Japanese (learning the latter in college and doing a semester abroad there) – but she has some conversational knowledge of Korean, Spanish, French, Russian and Swedish. She’s started to pick up some Finnish for Armo’s sake.

3. The Blankenshipmobile! Rugen drives a decrepit Jetta from the early 1980s. She has it because Kenny Blankenship, a character from MXC, her favorite TV show, drives one. This Jetta (pictured above and drawn horribly by me) is a frequent target of assassination attempts by Ells.

4. Occidental Otaku? Rugen listens to a lot of J-pop and K-pop in her spare time. She also reads manga and watches anime, a hobby she strangely shares with Corey.

5. “I don’t have a problem…” Rugen drinks recreationally, which her employees are nervous could evolve to full-on alcoholism if she’s not careful. Strangely, she’s always safe about it and is never around her car when she imbibes.

6. Dance party! She’s been known to learn the dances to her favorite J-pop and K-pop videos. Right now she’s been doing Gangnam Style in the office more than she should be.

7. Natural leader. She prefers to work with her employees instead of above them, which actually makes her a good boss.

8. DON’T! GET! ELIMINATED! If she agrees with something, she’ll quote MXC and reply with “Indeed, Ken.” She also yells “Lllllet’s go!” when she’s leading her employees somewhere.

9. Closet cosplay. She usually wears a red blazer to work, possibly as a tribute to Lupin III.

10. Shoot-’em-up! Her favorite team-building exercise involves having her employees play paintball against random people. Since the historians understand military tactics extremely well, they usually win.

11. Let’s do some remodeling… Before Rugen took over the historical society, it was fairly normal, but in danger of closing. Rugen stepped in and built it up into a historical task force capable of taking on important historical missions, including some issued by governments, and now it’s thriving.

12. Thirsty? Rugen worked as a bartender at one point in college and can make an absurd amount of different cocktails. She also keeps tonic water and gin around the office in case one of her employees comes down with a fever.

13. Walk the dog. She won her high school talent show three years in a row by doing yo-yo tricks and was barred from competing as a senior so that someone else could win. The school allowed her to host the talent show that year instead.

14. The Scottish play? Rugen’s favorite yo-yo, a Duncan, is named King Duncan of Scotland.

15. Dating is hard. She’d love to go out with Mark (Corey’s brother), but she doesn’t know how to get him to ask her nor does she know how to ask him. She also made this a goal when she was drunk one night, so.

16. Bright idea! She loves changing light bulbs. Not even she knows why.

17. See you later, space cowboy! Rugen wants a corgi because of Ein, the corgi from Cowboy Bebop.

18. Obfuscating stupidity. Rugen alternates between seeming brilliant and stupid. However, a lot of her apparent stupidity is often part of grand master plans. She’s strangely good at getting people to play into her hands, possibly because she convinces them she’s insane.

19. Bury it away. She doesn’t really deal with her emotions much, preferring to bury them under work and occasional alcohol. She doesn’t talk about them much and they build up on her sometimes, so she occasionally ends up crying herself to sleep.

20. Shoulder to cry on. She’s very emotionally supportive of her employees, however, and is always there to lend an ear.