Corey is one of those characters where I really drew on myself. (Our mothers even have the same profession and we both have cats that treat us like parents.) I feel like I’m writing myself a lot of the time when I write her, and it’s strangely cathartic.

1. Metamorphosis. Corey had a pet beetle as a kid named Gregor Samsa.

2. Bibliophile. She refuses to go anywhere without something to read…just in case, y’know?

3. IMHO… She has a habit of adding ‘to be frank’ to sentences when she’s giving her personal opinion.

4. Cat rescuer! Corey found Candide in the historical society’s parking lot. She brought him inside from the rain. Candide has since been trained to be a therapy cat and travels with Corey – he even goes to work with her every day.

5. Rock me… Her favorite movie is Amadeus. She’s been known to react violently when people interrupt her when she’s watching it.

6. “Oh, Alan, I’m so sorry…” Corey and Ells watch QI together. They’re often joined by Clyde and Rory.

7. Nerd alert! She loves when famous intellectuals are on TV. We think she has a crush on Professor Brian Cox.

8. Please be nice to me… Corey is very shy around men her age. She was picked on by boys as a child and grew up feeling very unattractive, undateable and afraid men wouldn’t even want to be friends with her. To this day, she still suffers from social anxiety.

9. I’m feeling faint… When her emotions overwhelm her, Corey has syncopes, which means she has fainting spells. Strangely, she has no problems handling G-forces.

10. Someone has to do it! Although she may seem timid at times, she’s extremely determined and sometimes pushes and does things outside of her comfort zone, especially if she thinks nobody else will do them. This is because she got stuck doing nearly all the work on group projects as a kid in school because she was smart.

11. “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.” Corey double-majored in history and philosophy in college and minored in library science. She’s working on her Master’s degree right now and is planning on getting a PhD. down the road.

12. Knowledge is power! Education runs in her family – her dad’s a philosophy professor at Rutgers, her mom is an elementary school librarian, and her older brother Mark is a high school philosophy teacher.

13. Blink and you’re dead. She’s terrified of Weeping Angels.

14. “We must cultivate our gardens.” Candide was named after Corey’s all-time favorite book, Voltaire’s novella Candide. The name ‘Candide,’ which comes from the root word ‘candidus’ (‘white’ in Latin), implies naivete and pureness. The word ‘candidate’ comes from the same root word because Roman political candidates wore white robes. Candide the cat has white fur.

15. Some Earl Grey, if you will… Corey usually drinks tea as she’s researching, as it keeps her both awake and calm.

16. Jane Goodall? Corey has animal empathy. All animals like her.

17. Wok master. Corey can only cook East Asian food for reasons even she doesn’t understand. She makes pretty good fried rice, though.

18. He’s not heavy, he’s my brother! Corey and her brother Mark are really close, especially since he protected her from bullying when they were younger. They go to used book sales together as adults.

19. Hitchhiker. Although she can drive, Corey doesn’t own a car, but Ells is more than happy to drive her to work every morning. (It helps that they’re going to the same place, really.)

20. Enlightened on religion. Corey is a Deist. Leave it to her to pick a religion that peaked in popularity in the 18th Century.