It’s Clyde’s turn now. I’m sure he’s enthused. Not really.

1. Homing pigeon. Ells nicknamed Clyde ‘Homing Pigeon’ because he has a remarkable sense of direction and can generally learn routes after only being on them once. He uses landmarking and the general feel of the road.

2. Musically talented? Sort of. Clyde plays bass guitar.

3. Accidental artist. Clyde had a tendency to doodle cars absentmindedly when he gets bored at work. He’s better at this than he realizes.

4. Flying Half-Dutchman. His middle name is Hans, which pretty much everyone who knows him gets a kick out of. It’s well-known that his mother’s Dutch.

5. Ooh, pretty colors! He enjoys looking at stained glass windows, but he never tells anybody. He has no problems with people knowing – it’s just that they don’t ask and it rarely comes up in conversation.

6. (Clyde) Hans Alfredson And The Silver Skates. Clyde tried to get more in touch with his Dutch side by learning speed skating, but he was too clumsy to compete. He still likes speed skating at rinks, though, because he gets to go fast.

7. Men With Hats. He’s nearly always wearing a hat of some form. He’ll actually feel awkward sometimes without one because he’s so used to having one on.

8. If I won the lottery… Clyde’s dream cars are a Lotus and a Morgan. Someday…

9. Fandom! He loves both the World Rally Championship and Formula 1. He’s a big Kimi Raikkonen fan, which both Ells and Armo approve of.

10. It’s not poisonous, but… Occasionally Clyde tries to cook. He’s not very good at it yet.

11. ‘SPLOSIONS! Clyde does, however, have a knack for chemistry, and he’s been known to do experiments here and there. Many of these have involved lighting things on fire.

12. Verbal tic. He has a habit of saying, “Well, that’s not good” when things haven’t gone well. Usually, things are a lot more than “not good.”

13. I’m not going up there! He has a horrible fear of public speaking. He doesn’t do well with heights, either.

14. The best driving instructor…in the WORLD! All three of his cousins, who he lives with, have either learned to drive from him or are currently learning from him. He thinks he’s “not ‘arf-bad” as a teacher.

15. Bonding through cocking about. He and Ells get together every Monday to watch Top Gear. Say it with me: D’awwww.

16. Friend to all children. He’s great with kids – he never talks down to them and has a lot of empathy for them. He’ll probably be a great father someday.

17. MOAR ‘SPLOSIONS! Clyde has an extremely childish habit of putting Peeps in the historical society’s microwave and giggling with joy when they explode. He rivals Ells in the ‘easily amused’ department.

18. It’s fun unless it’s not! If Clyde decides to do something, he’ll be excited about it from beginning to end…unless it sucks.

19. Looks can be deceiving… He often seems calm on the surface, but he has a mischievous streak. His impish grin usually gives it away.

20. Mille Miglia? Maybe. Clyde has a duster coat and matching hat and goggles. He keeps them around just in case he gets to drive something really old.

I’ll do another one of these tomorrow!