Starting this up – it’s a character meme wherein you share twenty facts about your characters one at a time. I’ll be doing one character a day for…well, however long this takes, considering I have too many characters. We’ll start with Ells today since she’s probably the closest thing to a main character in this comic.

1. Physics is fun. Ells was actually quite a good physics student when she was in high school, namely due to her understanding of cars. She’s also able to easily solve those “if two trains leave the station” problems because she’s good at calculating speeds.

2. Botswana Special. Ells’s dad is named Oliver. (I created her dad as a character in 2004, three years before Richard Hammond found his Opel Kadett and named it Oliver.) Her mom’s name is Irene, by the way.

3. “I shall call it…” Ells named her car Francis after a fictional character named Francis Cooper. It’s a pun because her car is a Mini Cooper S.

4. Well, that’s awkward. Ells is really, really awkward about sex, namely because she doesn’t think of herself as someone that is traditionally sexually attractive. As a result, she jokes about sex a lot and tends to sound an awful lot like a twelve-year-old. (Naturally, this means she gets along well with teenage boys, who think she’s funny.)

5. Hillclimbs. Ells began her racing career by driving in hillclimbs in New Hampshire as a teenager. She made the progression to rallying by age 20.

6. Tarmac works for me!  Ells is really, really good at driving on road courses, due to her birthplace being Boston, Massachusetts. She’s not bad on snow courses as a result of this, as well, but Armo’s better because he’s from Finland.

7. LEGOs are for amateurs! Ells has been working on real cars since before she was ten years old – probably even as early as seven or eight. Her parents are both mechanics and run a combination repair center/body shop, so as a result she grew up around people who can fix cars both inside and out. She’s able to restore old cars as an adult because of this.

8. They’re real, and they’re spectacular… Her hair is entirely natural. The Robbins family has a strange genetic mutation passed down throughout its family members that makes their hair stand up. It’s visible in Ells’s dad, as well.

9. Just say…aw, screw it, give me a soda. Ells has a bit of a caffeine dependency and goes through a disturbingly large amount of coffee and Slurpees each week. She knows she has a problem, but…

10. Music. She makes driving playlists pretty frequently. Sometimes she’ll listen to the radio to find new songs that are drive-worthy.

11. Jump in the jam jar, gotta get straight… Her ringtone is Getta Bloomin’ Move On!, the Self-Preservation Society song from The Italian Job. Not-so-coincidentally, this is her favorite movie, as it has two of her favorite things in it, Michael Caine and Minis.

12. He has NOT had his teeth whitened! Ells has had a thing for Richard Hammond since high school. Some people think this is part of why she likes Clyde so much – he reminds her of Hammond.

13. I just want to hug all of them, but I can’t ’cause that’s crazy! It usually surprises people, but Ells likes animals a lot. She has a great relationship with Corey’s cat, Candide, and loves playing with people’s dogs when she meets them on the street. (She’s not crazy like the character the fact’s named for, though.)

14. “My baseball team sucks, but I’m used to it.” She’s a long-suffering Red Sox fan who was so used to losing that she got used to losing again very quickly after the team’s brief renaissance during the years between 2003-2008. There were two World Series Championships in between that time and yet she refused to become an ‘entitled’ fan because she was so used to the idea of not winning.

15. “I HATE THEM MORE THAN TRAFFIC!” That being said, she can’t stand the Yankees, but let’s be honest – who can?

16. “She’s like a walking encyclopedia of British comedy.” Clyde said that about Ells once, and it’s true: name a British comedy series and she’s probably seen it or listened to it and also probably knows way too much about it. She makes comedy references often (even calling Scottish tennis player Andy Murray “Angus Podgorny” after a character in a little-known Monty Python sketch about blancmanges).

17. Easily amused. She’s seriously easy to keep entertained. She’s also very enthusiastic and throws herself into projects very passionately, especially if it’s a plot to destroy Rugen’s Jetta. Also, she thinks lots of things are funny. Like, a lot of things.

18. “Here in my car, I feel safest of all…” …and there’s a reason for that, namely because cars make Ells look very graceful and agile. Outside the car, she can run fast, but she’s occasionally clumsy and ends up with bruises that she has no idea she got because she walks into furniture.

19. Fear factor. Ells is terrified of losing her parents since she’s extremely close to them, especially her dad. She checks in with them frequently and tends to get nervous and antsy if she doesn’t hear back from them frequently.

20. Slowed to a crawl. There is absolutely nothing Ells hates more than being stuck in traffic. Even if she says she hates something else more, she doesn’t. (This excludes things that most open-minded people hate, such as bigotry, racism, sexism, Adolf Hitler, etc. because she hates those things too. If we’re talking in terms of pet peeves, it’s traffic.)

I’ll do this with Clyde tomorrow, and then we’ll see who goes next after that!