So I’ll be doing a test drive of the new Acura ILX this Sunday before it’s released to the general public, namely because I was invited as a Klout perk. I love Klout for knowing that I’d enjoy this because I tweet about Top Gear all the time (I marathon it every Monday).

(Seriously, my Klout page says I am apparently influential about both Top Gear and Jezza, even though I definitely tweet about Hammond a lot more. Ah, well.)

This test drive event sounds awfully fun – I’ll be driving both on-road and on a closed course (my dream come true!) during the course of this whole thing, so I’m planning on Top Gear-ing the hell out of this and videoing myself reviewing this car as I go along. If only I had my Stig cosplay that I’m going to wear to New York Comic Con ready – I’d wear it when I did the closed course. Eh, I’ll still whip the car around.

The entire event’s being held at Citi Field, as well, and there’s going to be free parking. This will be the only time this Mets fan gets free parking at Citi Field. THIS IS EXCITING. FREE PARKING AT CITI FIELD.

tl;dr I’m going to test drive a car and video myself being an idiot/huge Top Gear fan in it. Yay!