I made it for half a year. I don’t know how, but I’ve been writing these silly little stories for half a year, and somehow I haven’t given up on this yet. I think it’s time to grow up and do big kid stories now, though, so I’m going to script some this week and start telling some longer tales. I’ve got plenty of them lined up, so we’ll get to not only see the historians themselves at work but also get to see them do some things that normal historians don’t always get to do. This is a comic, after all.

Also, I have to introduce a character that I’m very excited to introduce, namely because he’s Armo Karppinen, Flying Finn, and I’m very fond of him. So there’s that.

There’s also going to be a side story, one which will probably show up on my ComicFury account. It’s not going to be so much a side story as it is a series of short comics in which Ells and Clyde watch the American adaptation of their favorite TV show and deconstruct it for their own entertainment. For lack of a better title, it’s going to be called Ells and Clyde Watch Top Gear USA. It should be…interesting, to say the least, especially since to write it I have to watch Top Gear USA and find those similarities and differences and references in it. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to that or not, but I suppose it’s at least worth seeing the US version just so I can be reminded why the UK version is my Monday ritual.

And…I think that’s it, so I’m going to go and draw answers to Ask Rogue Squadron now. (If you want to ask the cast of The Historians anything, you can! Go right here and shoot them some questions!)