Harvey, you’re waaaay too excited to use that paintball grenade, pal.

Another week, another update! I’ve been pretty busy on the art front lately, but hopefully I’ll be settling into a routine pretty soon, which will mean better updates. I think. I hope that means better art, but…yeah.

I’m also now the staff cartoonist over at Camden Depot, so check out my baseball art over there! I started off doing cartoons bi-weekly, but they’re going to become a weekly institution now, so I’ve got two weekly commitments now – that and this comic. Luckily, I really don’t have much else to worry about on the art front at the moment except for catching up on an ask blog that gets way more questions than I would have thought it would.

This page was actually pretty fun to draw, on an art note. I adore Clyde’s range of facial expressions because he’s a total goofball…and sorry, Julien, but it was sort of an inevitable joke to make the second you opened your mouth.