I realized we hadn’t seen Stacy very much as of late, so I decided to go with this comic this week. Amazingly, I’m typing this part before 7 pm, which I think is a first. Like, ever.

I love writing Rugen, by the way. She alternates between having brilliant ideas and managing the historical society well to doing things that are so completely stupid that everyone around her questions her ability to exist as a human being. The way she goes back and forth so often gives me so much material to work with, and I love her for it.

Oh! Good news! The Dacia Sandero is available in left-hand drive market! We have a blog on the site now! Check it out here. Right now, there’s one post there and that’s me celebrating because I got the blog to work, but you’ll be able to see what I’m up to, what art stuff I’m doing besides The Historians and other such things by reading it.

Right, see you all next week!