I think I finally drew something that looks okay. I spent a good six hours or so on this, which is three hours longer than I’ve spent on any of these pages so far. I think it shows. I was trying to work on storytelling, paneling, and perspective on this page…I hope it looks better!

This page also tells you more about Ells in a few pictures than anything else I’ve ever done with her:

  • Ells and her dad are very close.
  • Ells dresses like her dad as an adult.
  • The Robbins hairstyle is hereditary.
  • Ells misses her family back in Boston enough that she wears the old Studebaker key her father gave her around her neck every so often.
  • Ells and her dad bonded through cars (they still do now, of course).

Karen finds family very important – it’s part of why she chose to become a genealogist – so she totally understands what Ells is saying here.

Happy Father’s Day, everybody!

In terms of art this week, my buddy KnitScarves and I did an art trade, and she drew everyone’s favorite Bostonian with strange hair:

See you all next week!