Ells and Clyde have found something they have in common, it seems – they both like cars, or at the very least Top Gear. Then again, if you don’t like Top Gear, you don’t have a soul.

‘Jezza’ is the fan nickname for presenter Jeremy Clarkson, by the way.

Another note: Clyde’s the translator because, as his character sheet mentions, he has a British father and a Dutch mother, which means he’s fluent in Dutch despite growing up in London. (His accent and Ells’ Boston accent both come out in this strip and I love that because I greatly enjoy writing people’s accents.)

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I’ve been doing art trades over at Nabyn, and for the end I asked for, I’ve asked some of my friends to draw members of the cast of The Historians. Here’s UnlikelySolution‘s take on our favorite Bostonian!