Hey, this past Saturday was History Day in Bergen County, NJ, which is both where I live and work as a historian and where this story takes place! We do this annually, so I’ll try to give you all a heads up beforehand next year so that if you’re in the area you can see more of what these folks (and I) do for a living.

You can learn a little more about it from the historical society I transcribe documents for right here.

Anyhow, the American Civil War is celebrating its sesquicentennial (which means it happened 150 years ago) right now (with ‘now’ meaning ‘from 2011 – 2015’), so you’ll probably be seeing more Civil War stuff going on than usual. The historical society in our story is no different, and Chris’s boyfriend Harvey, a reenactor, has brought his group along to the society today for some living history fun. Except Rugen is a klutz and kind of ruined their encampment. Oh, well.

Harvey says he wants to cast Rugen as Lee because she’s blaming herself, by the way. Lee had a tendency to blame himself for losses (he particularly beat himself up after Gettysburg, which he did admittedly screw up).