Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!

I had a ton of fun doing this strip, even though I ended up getting the thing done last-minute because my grandparents didn’t leave as early as they normally do. Either way, I managed to squeeze this update in right under the wire, so here it is!

In that last panel, from left to right: Elsie Cunningham, Lucia Windham, Irene Robbins, Laura Sanders, Barbara Parker, Maureen Bowles.

And Ma Barker, who Ells brought up, was a criminal mastermind. Which is probably why Ells brought her up in the first place, thinking about it.

Also, more fanart time! A buddy of mine on Nabyn was taking headshot commissions, so I asked for Armo Karppinen,who you haven’t met yet in the comic – but you will soon, I promise you. Anyways, this is NeonChameleon‘s take on Armo: