And here’s another post, right on schedule despite the fact that I’m completely ill with a sore throat! This is Karen, and she’s basically the same girl she was when I created her in 2004. That was a long, long time ago, my friends. I was in high school.

I’ve introduced an actual archivist/historian practice in this strip. In the second panel, Karen’s reading a Bible. What she’s actually doing is using a family Bible to work on somebody’s family tree. Historically, families would write down goings-on like births, deaths and marriages in their Bibles on either the front or back blank pages, effectively giving their descendants a record of their entire family. At the library I work at transcribing letters, we’ve recently received the family Bible of the people who wrote the letters, and they’ve recorded ancestors in it going back to a British reverend in the 1500s! It’s pretty awesome.

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