Today is actually the birthday of a cast member you’ll meet in the next arc on here, so happy 25th birthday, Armo Karppinen!

That aside, Ells and Clyde are keeping themselves very busy in the garage all of a sudden building things. Ells normally works on restoring antique cars in there (the lift is even visible behind where Clyde’s sitting at the really long desk along the one wall), but I suppose it’s a suitable place to build pretty much anything those two set their minds to.

Also, you can’t see it, but Clyde’s wearing his Lotus shirt. It sort of compliments Ells’s Mini shirt, actually. Cuteheads.

This is also a rare moment – Clyde’s not wearing his hat. That’s what his hair looks like underneath it. It’s not very exciting, really, but there it is nonetheless.

Lastly, I’d like to direct your attention to something very exciting – the comic my friend Hayley and I are working on together is almost completely up and running! I’m the scriptwriter and she’s the incredible artist. Soon enough, you’ll be able to see our collaborative efforts – just give us a little bit more time to perfect the site, and I’ll start linking you all to it like crazy!

See you next Monday!