I’ve finished this page on the Thursday before it runs. That’s pretty darn early for me, but I’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend art-wise and I’m getting sick so I figured I’d have this ready to go ahead of time.

Don’t worry, there’s only one more paintball page after this before they really get into what they’re doing in this arc. I swear it.

I learned how to properly throw a grenade when I first began researching World War I. I have an ancestor named Bill Mead who fought in the conflict, and when he died back in 1930 (ironically on Armistice Day) the rest of the family ended up with a lot of his stuff. It’s in our possession now, so we have his bayonet (which is REALLY COOL) and a lot of books he collected on the war he fought in. One of them, published in 1918, the same year the war ended, featured this image:

There are a number of things wrong with this, but for me the one that sticks out is the nationalism in there. Just because the Germans didn’t play a bat and ball sport at the time didn’t make them bad grenade throwers. It’s also celebrating the act of throwing the grenade, which is really disturbing in itself. (The photo itself appears to have been taken during a training exercise, because let’s be serious – the photographer wouldn’t have been in the trenches if the enemy was within grenade range.)

Anyhow, my rambles about World War I aside, that’s how I know the correct form for throwing a grenade and was able to have Harvey display it this week. Besides, his only contains paint and isn’t hurting anybody.